Is there such a thing as perfection? I had the Musigny 2003 this weekend – here goes:

Domaine Leroy | Musigny 2003
Domaine Leroy | Musigny 2003

Bottle 149 of 578. Right there, it’s a privilege to be in its presence, never mind opening it.
The cork was soaked through, rather worryingly, but those fears were put to rest from the second this masterwork saw the light of day.

On the nose, a gorgeous tapestry of cherry, chocolate, lingering pipe tobacco, fern, seaweed and iodine. The other taster, H., and I both agreed–to be vulgar, it created an almost hormonal-blasting impression of that place down under our ladies like us to visit… I shall say no more. It phased in and out from one alluring waft to the next, powerful yet delicate at once, turning knees to rubber.

On the palate, remarkably open and approachable–we expected to encounter a wall, given its young age. But no. Layer after thin sweet layer of silk and magic on on a multidimensional fruit core that unfolded for literally minutes at a time–minutes! A gorgeous fog of mineral saturates everything. Decaying leaves and fresh cut grass. Tannin appearing here and there, never heavy… as complete as a wine experience can be. I had an urge to eat Japanese food and explore the possibilities of Eastern religion.

I’ve had a lot of good wines in my time. But this has changed things… I have a sense that I’ve visited a very special place, and that I will never revisit that exact place again. Introspective, primal solitude… the natural order of things becomes clear, the relationship between the wind and stars never so obvious, a step closer to knowing every little secret of the universe. I was moved, and possessed of a gratefulness as powerful as I’ve ever felt. I am a better person for having tasted this wine.

I’m getting carried away, but to put it simply, this wine carries you away. I could write on and on about it, frankly.
Practically, it’s not a wine for tasting events. You don’t put points to this, and you don’t compare the components of perfection at this level. It is a wine for drinking with a good friend or two, people you don’t mind sounding silly around.

Tasted quickly on opening. Then decanted 1.5 hours. Then drunk over 3 hours after that.
I thought of toning the note down, but then thought it best that you know your musigny went to someone who truly drank from its depths and appreciated every lingering second of it.

/Patrick Fitzgerald